Track Name: Lana's first ever written song named "China Palace"
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I play a lot of big festivals actually. I’m just usually the—I’m usually the slowest one, the quietest one. Although we obviously—we do a lot of down tempo stuff, Uhm, like the first 25-30 minutes of our setlist is pretty—There’s a lot of psychedelia. For some reason I didn’t think that people would think the music was lyrically provocative… And now I know that they do. I think it’s hard ‘cause I don’t censor myself, so I think that when you become more popular people think like there’s an obligation to be inspirational, and I’m just—you know not there yet. 

I can’t remember writing a song until I was about twelve, and it was called “China Palace”. I don’t know why. So, yeah I remember that, I mean—Uh, I remember that I used the words “strawberry daiquiri” which I thought was funny, ‘cause I’d never had one. So obviously I thought that that was like a really cool thing.

Uhm, I just loved this melody and I loved the phrases that came with it in my head “My boyfriend’s in a band / He plays guitar while I sing Lou Reed / I’ve got feathers in my hair / I get high on hydroponic weed”. So, yeah, I mean… And I love Brooklyn, you know I was there for eight or nine years and, uhh, so I love all things; Brooklyn, jazz and you know references to beat poetry, and yeah.

So it’s not like, some people have written like and you’re taking hits on Brooklyn?

Yeah yeah, no, not really… No I’m just—I’m that uncool that I think it’s cool, yeah.

Track Name: Small Hands
Artist: Keaton Henson
Album: Dear
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Keaton Henson - Small Hands

we’re not friends if you don’t like hawaiian tropic

" I’m interested in the gorgeous side of life, but also familiar with the dark side too. "

- Lana Del Rey (via fading-breath)